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Achieve Your Desired Look with Decorative Coloured Concrete

If you want to breathe new life to your outdoors or have a commercial area where you want to generate a specific appeal, coloured concrete is becoming a popular solution. It combines personality and individuality, lending well with the Melbourne street art vibe, without looking too vibrant or making your domestic or industrial space feel too ‘overdone’. 


While you may consider this product as suited mainly to commercial locations, it has a wide assortment of uses, including applications across domestic environments. Some of the places you may see this beautiful finish includes in:


  • Driveways & Patios

  • Industrial flooring

  • Cycling paths

  • Around the pool

  • Parking spots & Garages

  • Schools

With over 30 years of experience, our team will happily guide you through the process of choosing coloured concrete to suit your needs. As expert exposed aggregate suppliers, we’ll work with you to assess your goals, budget and space, and point you in the right direction towards the most suitable product. If you’re after a unique and distinct finish, this option offers plenty of decorative appeal and continues to rise in popularity across Melbourne.

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Discover the best decorative coloured concrete prices

There are many reasons why choosing different shades is a profoundly favourable option, especially when it comes to exposed aggregate. Not only does it create curbside appeal, but it also contributes a level of vibrancy for what can otherwise be a standard-looking element. Best of all, decorative concrete offers plenty of features for its affordable price, including:


  • A vast array of hues;

  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces and with decorative touches;

  • Durable & Cost-effective;

  • Resistant to foot-traffic and harsh weather conditions;

  • Can match your surroundings; and

  • Comes with a warranty.


As exposed aggregate suppliers in Melbourne, we can add depth to any space. Explore our aggregate driveways solutions to see how we’ve made magic across properties just like yours in the area.

Other aesthetically pleasing concepts can be used as well – such as stencilling, slate impression, and various highly recommended patterns for a point of difference.

Tom Drysdale

Exposed aggregate driveway, immaculate finish. So happy with the result, I highly recommend Robson Concreting. I will be getting more done by them soon!

Vanessa Zeffiro

Robson Concreting has been completely professional. Their number one priority was for the job to be completed properly and for me to be happy.

Alan Bainbridge

Thoroughly recommend. Fair price, on time and focus on customer satisfaction.
Great job with Slate Impression.

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